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A symbol of man’s hubris

I’ve been gone for a little while, but I’m back now.  I had some business trips and then I was sick and then I had to travel again.  But now that I’m back I have some funny stories for you all (both of you reading this).  Well, not so much funny as depressing.  See I’ve had some beer related failures lately and since I’m an honest guy I’m gonna tell you all about them.

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All that glitters is NOT gold. Sometimes it’s just glitter.

Looking over my notes from the first time-saving experiment, I thought I could improve the process a little. My main problem was the low efficiency, which I attributed to the 20 minute mash. Had I thought about this a bit I would have remembered that all of my recent brews have been coming up really short in the gravity department and the reduced mash time probably had nothing to do with it. But I didn’t think that much about it and so went ahead with my plan of increasing the mashing time a little bit.

But I didn’t want to increase the overall brew session time – remember I’m going for a two hour session, ideally – so I thought I’d make up some time by shortening the boil even more. Clever, I know. I should point out that I haven’t tasted the results of the last experiment, so I don’t know if shortening the boil from 60 to 40 minutes worked out. So much is wrong here that I don’t know why I’m posting this. Maybe as a lesson to others so that they will be more careful in their planning than I have been. Whatever the case may be, my plan was to mash for 30 minutes and boil for 30 minutes so as to keep the overall time about the same as before. I also decided to go for the full sparge on this, rather than the no-sparge technique I tried last time, thinking I could increase efficiency there.

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There is a man in Jersey City who really loves beer. This is his story.